"We aim to be the leading life sciences business and corporate development company in Australasia - informed, responsive, effective and outcome-focused"

Afandin is a corporate advisory company, based in Melbourne, Australia, which is focused on helping life science companies develop and implement growth strategies. Its clients include private and publicly-listed companies, investment funds and research institutes.

Afandin is passionate about and committed to the life sciences sector. Its business model focuses on providing expert, independent advice and support to its clients in three core areas:

Growth - providing advice on corporate growth strategies, such as M&A and capital raising, and assisting in due diligence.

Product development - providing strategic product development and project management advice.

Partnering - identifying in- and out-licensing opportunities and potential R&D partnerships, developing and implementing business development strategies, and deal negotiation.

Afandin is equally comfortable in major engagements, where it effectively acts as an extension of the client company's management team, or more limited engagements, where it provides a more traditional 'external consultant' role.

We are committed to developing an in-depth understanding our clients´ needs and leveraging all our expertise to meet those needs and exceeding our clients' expectations.

Afandin is not your typical corporate advisory firm, it differentiates itself by providing new approaches and services to dealing with life science corporate issues.

For more information, download a copy of our Corporate Presentation.